My Experience

A timeline to roughly show my nine years of web development experience and the noteworthy projects I have worked on during this time.

Year: Employer: Projects: Events:
2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
Codefor Freelance Front-end Developer
Epam Systems Senior Front-end Engineer
Great Fridays Lead Design Engineer
Great Fridays Front-end Developer
Fully Illustrated Freelance Front-end Developer
Lightmaker Front-end Developer
Work timeline
Moved to Sydney, Australia Epam acquired Great Fridays Took a five month sabbatical to travel the world Promoted to lead Moved to Manchester, England Graduated University with 1st Class Honors Started University placement year


Some clients I've been involved with include:

  • Adobe logo
  • Bowers & Wilkins logo
  • Deutsche Bank logo
  • Experian logo
  • Mastercard logo
  • Mclaren logo
  • Paypal logo
  • Pearson logo
  • Vodafone logo

What I Do

My core skills are in front-end web development. The area's in which I have specialised and enjoy working include:

UX Development

I work within user experience teams to bridge the gap between design and technology. Creating prototypes, concepts and interactive wireframes to improve the usability of digital products and services.

UI Style Guides

Styles guides are front-end pattern libraries of common UI design elements and components. I create them to help maintain modular front-end code and visual consistency across large scale web builds.

Front-end Web Builds

Working closely with visual designers and back-end development teams, I build semantic, intuitive, and responsive websites using client side JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Static Site Generators

I use Static Site Generators for fast and simple web development with no server side dependency. Content based page generation, task runners, templating and version controlled content all help improve development efficiency.


I have built the back-end and front-end of over 30 Wordpress web sites in the last seven years. Mostly working as the sole developer with a visual designer on freelance projects for a range of Indie Game blogs and micro sites.

Work Projects

Unfortunately the majority of my professional work is either under NDA, private or internally hosted. I am unable to publicly share details for any of these projects.

However, I have a private portfolio with some examples of my work. I am able to share this document privately for discussion during meetings and interviews. Please email me for more details.

Request examples of work doc

Examples of work document My examples of work document is available on request.

Personal Projects

Outside of my full time job, web development is a hobby of mine. It gives me the opportunity to learn and work on projects I wouldn't normally do as part of my day job. I enjoy the creative freedom and reward of designing and building web sites to help friends, small businesses and online communities.

A few of my favourite personal projects I've worked on recently:

MTG Tokens app

I have been playing and collecting Magic the Gathering trading cards for 15 years. I recently finished a unique collection of all the officially printed tokens. While sourcing this collection I noticed the lack of an online, reliable resource for this type of card - so I set about creating one.

The app is built with Angular JS, it's Framework I'd been wanting to try for a while and I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to learn. Everything from the design, data source, idea and development I did myself. After releasing the first version of the app, the Magic community on Reddit gave me loads of ideas for improvements and new features.

To incorporate all the best suggestions and ideas, I created a further three apps. In total we have;

  1. Official - The original app, a list of all the officially printed tokens.
  2. Alternative - A list of the best alternative tokens from artists and MTG promotional companies.
  3. Proxy generator - A token finder and proxy token generator.
  4. Proxy - A list of all the tokens (officially printed or proxy).
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Official tokens app Official tokens app
Alternative tokens app Alternative tokens app
Proxy token generator Proxy token generator

Wulver Blade

I have known and worked with Mike from Fully Illustrated for seven years. We have a really good working relationship and together we have designed and built over 20 indie game sites. When he told me about a new Xbox One & Steam game he was working on I jumped at the chance to get involved.

Mike had designed a beautiful, parallax scrolling, graphically intense site to promote the game. It was my role to fully develop the front-end, to bring to life Mike's parallax concept, making it responsive and optimized for a range of devices. I also worked on the Wordpress integration for the development blog.

Wulver Blade the game will be launching in 2016!

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Wulver Blade dev blog Wulver Blade dev blog
About Wulver Blade About Wulver Blade
Wulver Blade homepage Wulver Blade homepage

Settle Down Books

My parents run a small eBay store selling books about the Yorkshire Dales and books from local authors. I wanted to help them expand their business, opening up a new platform by selling books on their own web site, along side their eBay store.

I had a close friend help with the design of the site and I worked on the UX, front-end build, Wordpress content management and Paypal checkout integration.

The site launched back in 2011 but I continuously make improvements to the site, trying new ideas, layouts and features in an attempt to improve the customer journey and conversion rate. It's been a steep learning curve, this was my first experience of a full ecommerce build. It's been very rewarding to see ideas come to life and nice to be able to see the direct benefits of my work.

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Product detail page Product detail page
About the local area About the local area
Settle Down Books homepage< Settle Down Books homepage


I am a keen amateur photographer, I find it to be a fun, creative outlet and encourages me to travel and spend more time outdoors. I mostly enjoy shooting landscapes & animal portraits.

More of my photos can be seen on my photography portfolio, 500px and Flickr. I also sell premium stock on 500px prime and prints on Etsy.

Adam Foster

About Me

I was born in the Yorkshire Dales, England and have been living in and around Manchester for the last seven years. In Feburary 2016 I am moving to Sydney Australia to travel, experience life in another country and improve my work-life balance.

In and outside of work I embrace challenge and change. I have a positive attitude and cope well under pressure. I have a drive for perfection and I always play to win.

My hobbies include playing Magic the Gathering, reading fantasy books (currently reading The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson), hiking in the Dales, traveling and photography.